REMA results 2018
REMA was established and officially registered in 2018. At the start there were 7 participants in the organization, and by the end of the year the number increased to 16. At the moment, 4 more agencies are waiting for their turn to join.
In 2018, REMA launched the official communication channel the association's website, where the manifesto was published. We are talking about the principles around which agencies have united, which we respectively share, support and are ready to use as a tool for changing the market.
In April 2018, at the Global Event Forum, the association held a round table with the representatives of procurement and clients – the final customers of the events – where the difficulties of interaction in the process of organizing events were discussed.
The association created the "Client Board", which initiated Sergey Gorbachev from the "Podegiki" agency. "This is a special unit in the association, which is a bridge between the world of the Agency and the world of the client", says Sergey. "The Board included expert clients who agreed to participate as they decided to support us, because the agencies and services provided are important for them.

The goal of this project is to organize communication within REMA in such a way that the fundamentally important decisions taken by the association will be discussed not only within the agencies but will also be pumped with experts from the client community. We are sure that this approach will allow us to make the right and viable decisions, as well as to give a start to the right initiatives and projects for the development of the event market".
In the summer of 2018, REMA representatives attended an event organized by the Technical contractors association "ACTOM", where they discussed the specifics of organizing joint work as part of the preparation of events.
In 2018, REMA conducted a large-scale study of the average salaries of event agencies key staff belonging to the association. Based on this study, average market rates were calculated. REMA published them as recommended rates for calculating the cost of event services. Pavel Nedostoev, head of the "Departament" agency, led the study.
Within the association, an information letter was developed, recommended to all members of the association as a document that describes the interaction of the agency and the client after the stage of winning the tender.
REMA pays special attention to improving the efficiency of the association members. Agencies within REMA regularly exchange experience and present their best cases. At the final meeting in December, a creative session was held, and the participating agencies developed a plan of projects to be implemented in 2019. For example, REMA has already held talks with major financial institutions, under which it reached agreements on loan products for association members.
Oleg Zotkin, Head of the Supplier Relations Committee, "Louder" agency, and his colleagues from "Brandnew", "Podegiki", "SPN Communication" and "Marketing Division" carried out a systematization of the interaction problems with suppliers and have developed a unified position on conditions changing for cooperation in the industry. They defined the global aim for 2019: to agree on REMA conditions with leading suppliers, to implement them in practice of work, to agree on uniform workflow requirements, to develop an effective supplier accreditation platform in order to reduce the risks of dishonesty.